The Essenthial 1.0 project was born from the experience of those who daily perform in the scope of oral surgery and know first-hand the challenges that clinicians face daily in implant placement procedures. These important factors are the starting point of our principles:

SIMPLE: Simplified surgical and prosthetic procedure
SAVING: Only few components, all of them inside the packaging.
ERGONOMIC: Essential and simplified surgical approach furthermore, all instruments have been designed to offer maximum ergonomic and easy to use.

Therefore, Essenthial1.0 implant system is direct both beginners and expert clinicians in the eld of implantology. The Dentha winning point take place in the figure of its creator, a dentist who has intertwined his high knowledge with decades of clinical experience and a bit of entrepreneurial spirit. A combined mix which has been transformed into a tangible new implant system: Essenthial1.0.

By clinicians for clinicians, therefore this dental implant system has been designed with the aim to provide a simplified ed surgical and prosthetic procedure, to reduce chair-time and to achieve better aesthetic results.

Dentha offers also a restricted but, at the same time, versatile range of efficient tools and precision superstructures. These give the possibility to doctors to insert Essenthial1.0 implants also into jawbones partially or fully edentulous. Macro-shape of our implants has been designed to provide stability in all types of bone and at the same time, micro-shape greatly enhances osseointegration processes that unites bone to an implant surface.

Essenthial1.0 dental implants can be inserted following two-stage surgical protocol or one- stage technique and also using immediate loading procedure. The purpose is to reach primary and secondary stability of the implant to firmly sustain removable partial dentures and fixed dentures. Severe control systems constantly verify all production steps, complying with European Regulation 93/42/ EEC, 2007/47/EC.

Dentha has been certi ed in accordance with UNI CEI EN ISO 13485/2012 Quality Management System for Medical Devices. Products that appear in this catalogue are CE approved and are registered in the Italian Board of Health database.
Essenthial 1.0
Essenthial 2.0

Catalogue 2017

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